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  • Content creation and curation

  • Targeted advertising

  • Content strategy consulting

When you pair all of my content creation skills with my knowledge of digital marketing strategies, you have a very powerful combination. I can offer complete and robust solutions that meet all of your marketing needs.

Paid Social Media Ads

I can create all of your social ads from start to finish. After defining your marketing goals, I can help you reach your audience through targeted advertising and make sure your message resonates through great copy and photo/video.

Email and Social Media Marketing

If you would like to play the long game and develop a relationship with your audience, I also offer regular content for brands. I can create your content calendar, write your posts, take your photos and make your videos. I can even create a newsletter for you. This can be done on an ongoing basis, or a temporary one to promote an event or new product.

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Whether you need a new logo, fresh copy and assets for your social media pages/website, or a full branding package that includes all of the above, I can help you develop a professional and engaging online presence.

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