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A Short Introduction

First off, I just want to take a moment to thank you for reading this and entertaining my narcissism. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a corner of the internet dedicated to sharing my unfiltered thoughts and opinions. Now that I have that corner, I fully intend to exploit it as much as possible.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m a disabled writer, speaker, filmmaker, photographer, and digital marketing specialist. That tends to be a mouthful, though, so I just refer to myself as a “Zach of All Trades.” You can learn more about me in the About Section.

So what can you expect in this little corner? A little bit of a lot of things, each post that I write will likely fall into one or multiple “Buckets.” I’m far too humble to say that you’ll find some of the best content on the internet here, but I will say you’re welcome in advance. Here are some of the “buckets” you can expect to find.


Filmmaking is the primary focus of my career. I have spent the last 5 years sharpening my skills and was lucky enough to go full-time in 2020. The blog is an outlet to share my journey, my experience, and reflect on my own work in the process.


Photography was initially a means to learn my way around a camera. As I spent more time taking photos, I learned to love still photography as much as film. Now I look for every opportunity to use my camera to make not only moving images, but still images as well.

This blog will be my outlet to talk about the gear I love, the techniques I use, and share photo essays about certain subjects I care about. This will be an exercise in using my still images to tell a story.


This is, oddly enough, the craft I have been working on the longest and the one I have the least training in. Writing is just something that has always come naturally to me and I love sharing my ideas through the written word.

This blog is meant to showcase my writing skills and share my professional expertise with you. As I develop content for this blog, I may occasionally write a personal essay, short story, or just share my thoughts on storytelling and good writing. Either way, even if a post is not about writing, you can expect every blog published with my name on it to be carefully written and meticulously edited.


Creativity is an undervalued quality in our society. We encourage people to make music and participate in drama in high school, but it’s mostly viewed as only a pastime or hobby for “normal people.” I strongly believe this is the wrong way to view it.

Not only is creativity a commodity in our economy, but it’s closely tied to ingenuity, and the skills you build pursuing art can be used to help you innovate in any career. Since this blog is my soapbox, you’ll have to deal with me ranting about it. Not sorry.


My faith and my disability are two aspects of my life that inevitably seep into everything. They are my identity and shape the way I view the world. I’ve always wanted a space to write about God and Christianity and I would be missing an opportunity if I didn’t use my skills to do so. If that’s not your thing, feel free to skip the posts that fall into that bucket, but I’m very excited to share them with the people who do care.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m disabled (ask me about person-first vs identity-first language). Like my faith, my disability is fused with my existence. It is who I am in a lot of ways.

Not only will I be sharing my daily experiences as a disabled individual, but I will also be sharing a lot of the unique challenges that I have as an artist with a disability. In spite of all of those challenges, though, my disability makes me a better artist. My collection of experiences gives me a unique perspective to share, and I’m glad that I have this blog to share it.


Some of these categories may blend together in some posts, but that’s because none of them live in a vacuum. For example, I may post a blog about the challenge of photography from a wheelchair or how my disability has trained me to embrace creative limitations. I might also write a blog about how I reconcile my faith with my disability.

As my posts get more frequent, I may put together email lists for the above categories, so you only have to read the ones you care about but the important thing is: this blog is a space for me to share the things I’m passionate about with others.

If you like anything you read, feel free to comment or share it with your friends and follow my social media channels to get updates on newly released blogs. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and I hope you find yourself here again.


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